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recycled rubber

for shoes

vertical supply chains & sustainability


We can support the sustainability of your product in a few ways. First, we work with supply chains that are vertical. This means that fabric development & production are from the same country of origin. This reduces shipping costs between countries of origin, duty, lead times on the calendar, & transportation fuel too. 

Secondly, many of our factories utilize sustainable production methods. Solar powered plants & onsite waste & water recycling are some examples.


Additionally, we offer these fabrics & materials in our library: recycled, organic, vegan, fibers that require minimal water & chemicals to produce, vegetable dye, GOTS certified, bio-synthetic, PET, ECONYL, & more. Please ask.

Our high value placed on creating successful supply chains & sustainability in our products, also applies to the care that we take in setting up fair & lasting relationships with our partners. This includes our attention to the ethical treatment of factory workers. Please ask about our factory compliances.

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