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COVID-19 has been a call to action for the apparel industry to do things smarter, more efficiently, & more sustainably. This starts with re-assessing our global supply chains, our MOQ's, the calendar, & how we work with one another to form lasting partnerships.

Beachwood Apparel Partners provides extensive sourcing and supply chain options in countries such as Portugal, India, & Indonesia, to name a few. These supply chains possess vertical efficiencies that balance the relationship between quality, lead times, cost, & volume.


If you are a brand that is looking to revitalize your supply chain options, manufacture sustainably, &/or expand into new product categories, please contact us. If your team has downsized, for example, we can provide the additional support with our freelancing services. We would love the opportunity to learn more about where you are during this challenging process of planning, & what solutions we can provide.

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